December 6th: Pythein Vapors and Bakery Case O’Fallon

Here is Shelley’s interview with John Withington with Pythein Vapors. Shelley also interviewed Chef Bryan Buffa and Kitty Meyer with Bakery Case in O’Fallon. Here’s the entire show as it aired on KSLQ 104.5, December 6th 9:30 AM Read More →

Pythein Vapors

John and Nicole had been reunited after 20+ years of being apart.  They wanted to spend the rest of their life with one another and wanted to make sure they got the most years they could together.  We all have bad habits.. some are easier to break than others. John and Nicole (Nikki) began “vaping” to address the growing concern of their own personal health. John and Nikki both smoked... Read More →

Bakery Case – O’Fallon, Missouri

Have you heard about the New Full-service Bakery in O’Fallon? Bakery Case, is a locally FAMILY owned an operated Full Service Bakery… When we say family, we mean family… Mother, Sons and Aunts… and when you walk in the door, that is exactly how you are treated as well… like family… you are greeted with a smile and a display of the most tantalizing, lovely and delicious... Read More →
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