Month: May 2014

WingHaven Orthodontics

Going to the Orthodontist may not always be seen as a favorite thing to do.  There can be anxiety, especially in young people. Based upon the Disney model philosophy, at WingHaven Orthodontics, Dr. Cheryl Held and her WHO Team, take great pride in making their patients feel special, welcomed and very well cared for, so that the next time you come back, you actually are looking forward to your visit. At WingHaven Orthodontics, they believe that people really want the very best in service and quality, YOU are the patients and parents to whom they are catering. Dr. Held...

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Caren Libby – Image Media

You are a business owner. You are an expert at what you do. What is your Image? Do you have a website for your business? Is your business ‘branded’ so when people hear or see your logo they automatically associate it with you and your business? Your website is the foundation to your ‘Brand’. Images add personality and draw an audience. Compelling content builds a bridge to your online presence. Caren Libby – Image Media brings your brand, your personality and your presence together through Web Design, Digital Marketing and Photography services. Caren works with all shapes and sizes...

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DreamLines Wedding Dress Sketch

You are getting married. You have picked out a dress that is uniquely you. Your son or daughter will begin a new chapter in their life as they marry the person of their dreams. What would capture that moment in time…very personal, very elegant. The Wedding, beautiful. The Bride, stunning. The Day, perfect. Nikki Gentry has the perfect gift idea, that will be as timeless as the dress, as the moment.  A DreamLines Wedding Dress Sketch. A DreamLines Sketch is a personalized, wedding dress sketch, along with the suit, bouquet and even the shoes. These customized pieces of art...

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GoldStar College for Kids Foundation

We all know that our Freedom does not come free. What happens to the children of America’s most brave that paid the ultimate price for our Freedom? The mission of the GoldStar College for Kids Foundation is to help provide an education for the children whose parent died in Combat. The GoldStar College for Kids Foundation does not just offer scholarships, they are a support structure to help these children throughout their young lives. These children will know that they are cared for, that the loss they have endured is real and understood. The GoldStar College for Kids Foundation...

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