Laser Lipo and Vein Center – Dr. Thomas Wright

Have you ever said to yourself… “I wish I could take fat from my abdomen or my hips and put it in my chest or my butt”? Perhaps you are wanting to stop the never ending need to shave. What if you could turn back the clock on your face, affordably, safely with a minimal amount of downtime or pain?  Do you suffer from Varicose Veins? If you have asked yourself these questions, then... Read More →

Visiting Angels – Westplex

Welcome to the ‘Sandwich Generation’. Are you are the son or daughter of an aging parent? It is a different world when you have to face the fact that your parents are not who they used to be. It is a different world for them as well. You know this, but you don’t know what to do. You can see that they need help. They shouldn’t be driving, they need help keeping up with the house,... Read More →

Pythein Vapors

John and Nicole had been reunited after 20+ years of being apart.  They wanted to spend the rest of their life with one another and wanted to make sure they got the most years they could together.  We all have bad habits.. some are easier to break than others. John and Nicole (Nikki) began “vaping” to address the growing concern of their own personal health. John and Nikki both smoked... Read More →

Bakery Case – O’Fallon, Missouri

Have you heard about the New Full-service Bakery in O’Fallon? Bakery Case, is a locally FAMILY owned an operated Full Service Bakery… When we say family, we mean family… Mother, Sons and Aunts… and when you walk in the door, that is exactly how you are treated as well… like family… you are greeted with a smile and a display of the most tantalizing, lovely and delicious... Read More →

Dr. Kevin D. Weikart, MD, FACP – MDVIP

When you go to the Doctor, don’t you wish that your doctor took the time to get to know you, really listened to you and is not backing out the door as soon as he/she enters the room? Meet Kevin D. Weikart MD, FACP. Dr. Weikart has been a physician practicing in Lake St. Louis for over 30 years now. He specializes in Internal Medicine and is also certified in Hospice as well. A graduate of the... Read More →

Right at Home St. Charles

Is that time when you have to have “the talk” with your parents? You know the one… Mom, this house is just too big for you. Dad, I am so afraid of you falling or you say to your friends, Mom can’t take care of Dad anymore, the medications they are on are confusing to me, it has to be overwhelming to them, but they insist on staying in that big house, they refuse to move. Peggy... Read More →

Serendipity Home Made Ice Cream

What if you were in control of your Destiny… Your Ice-Cream Destiny, that is. When you come into Serendipity Home Made Ice Cream, pick your flavor, pick your topping, your scoop size, and have it served up in one of Serendipity’s made fresh daily waffle cones or bowls… have a Bon-Bon or Dipstick… Your desire, your destiny. There is more being served up at Serendipity than Ice-Cream…... Read More →

Buckingham Pest Control, Inc.

Your Home is your Palace…You are in your kitchen… you see something out of the corner of your eye moving on the counter top… then you see a lot of somethings moving… you have Ants!  They are everywhere.  You try to stop them yourself, cleaning, spraying, wiping, but they keep coming back…  Just when you’re about to hoist the white flag, you remember, you have... Read More →

Home Maintenance Solution, Inc.

In this ever changing world, we need to be proactive… and that is just what Bruce Petrov thought in 2004, when he launched Home Maintenance Solution, Inc. from Petrov Construction. Bruce saw a need when he had many customers calling to ask for help with small issues around their home. Petrov Construction wasn’t geared for small projects and they wanted to be able to take care of the customers... Read More →

Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar

Have you found out about the best kept secret in O’Fallon, St. Charles, Missouri, the World? Well, maybe not the world, because truthfully a family visiting from England actually stopped by four years ago and recently returned because they liked the service and enjoyed the ambiance at our very own Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar, right here in the Westplex. Stephanie and Tom Thomson had traveled... Read More →
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