Author: Shelley Barr

Serendipity Home Made Ice Cream

What if you were in control of your Destiny… Your Ice-Cream Destiny, that is. When you come into Serendipity Home Made Ice Cream, pick your flavor, pick your topping, your scoop size, and have it served up in one of Serendipity’s made fresh daily waffle cones or bowls… have a Bon-Bon or Dipstick… Your desire, your destiny. There is more being served up at Serendipity than Ice-Cream… Along with the creative genius of Beckie Jacobs and her Chef, who concocts some the most delicious and unique flavors, handmade from the best wholesome ingredients (you can choose from over 28...

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Buckingham Pest Control, Inc.

Your Home is your Palace…You are in your kitchen… you see something out of the corner of your eye moving on the counter top… then you see a lot of somethings moving… you have Ants!  They are everywhere.  You try to stop them yourself, cleaning, spraying, wiping, but they keep coming back…  Just when you’re about to hoist the white flag, you remember, you have a friend in the Pest Control Business… Buckingham Pest Control. Noel Buckingham and his team of “Eradicators of things that go ‘bumb’ in the Knight” are friendly, certified, uniformed technicians that have been carefully screened,...

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Home Maintenance Solution, Inc.

In this ever changing world, we need to be proactive… and that is just what Bruce Petrov thought in 2004, when he launched Home Maintenance Solution, Inc. from Petrov Construction. Bruce saw a need when he had many customers calling to ask for help with small issues around their home. Petrov Construction wasn’t geared for small projects and they wanted to be able to take care of the customers with the quality and commitment that they had built their name on. Through a series of events, they started HMS as a partnership. Home Maintenance Solution is not just another...

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