Author: Shelley Barr

Coletta Hakenewerth – Certified Wellness Coach

Did you know that there is a difference between Diet and Detox? Coletta Hakenewerth is a Certified Wellness Coach and Weight Management Specialist. Have you heard of FirstFitness Nutrition? For Coletta Hakenewerth, when she found First Fitness Nutrition, it was more than just about losing weight, it was about her health. Coletta Hakenewerth loves her job as a Certified Wellness Coach for FirstFitness Nutrition.¬† Coletta works with each of her clients personally, on how to use the program individually designed to fit their specific lifestyle, their weightloss and their health improvement goals. Coletta Hakenewerth understands everyone’s personal health journey...

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Caren Libby – Image Media

You are a business owner. You are an expert at what you do. What is your Image? Do you have a website for your business? Is your business ‘branded’ so when people hear or see your logo they automatically associate it with you and your business? Your website is the foundation to your ‘Brand’. ¬†Images add personality and draw an audience. Compelling content builds a bridge to your online presence. Caren Libby – Image Media brings your brand, your personality and your presence together through Web Design, Digital Marketing and Photography services. Caren works with all shapes and sizes...

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1st Financial Federal Credit Union

Are you looking for a ‘Better way to Bank’? Take a look at 1st Financial Federal Credit Union. Their core purpose is helping people achieve their financial dreams. Regardless of age, geography or education, there are striking similarities in the dreams people have for their future. Sometimes they simply lack the knowledge of how to get there. Everyone has questions, so you are not alone. That’s where 1st Financial Federal Credit Union comes in… to empower people when they need it the most. They offer a full range of financial services including On-Line Services, Personal and Business Banking, Investment...

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Complete Nutrition with Ricky Hall

It is almost spring. Have you reached the goal you set in January to start taking better care of yourself? Do you want to make a change in your health and don’t know where to begin? Do you want to feel better, look better, perform better? Complete Nutrition is the place that you can begin. The first step is walking through the front doors. Ricky Hall and his team are there to to support you in anyway they can. No matter where you are in your health journey, whether you have just decided to take that first step or...

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PWP – Print and Web People with Larry Winkler and Michelle Atkinson

You’re a business… You know you need a diverse marketing campaign, but don’t know where to begin. You’re a non-profit and need merchandising for an upcoming event. You want to increase your digital footprint with a website that says Classy with a real ‘Wow’ factor to it. Then PWP-Print and Web People is the company you want to connect with. PWP Print and Web People are masters when it comes to making your business ‘Vocal’. They offer Print Media Marketing, complete Web Services and Promotional Items. Larry Winkler or Michelle Atkinson will sit down with you, listen and really...

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