Do you dream about owning your own home or new car, but feel that will never happen because you have a bad credit score?  You don’t have to give up on your dream.
dimby logo on website Don’t put your dreams on the sideline simply because a bad credit report is following you around. According to the federal government, credit repair is the removal of items from the three major credit bureaus. While this doesn’t forgive you of debt,  it removes issues from your report, allowing your greater financial freedom when making large purchases. Daniel Brewster, President of DiMBy Credit Services  understands that everyone makes mistakes.  Their goal at DiMBy Credit Services is to help you reduce stress and get to where you want to be financially by working with you to repair your credit report and increase your Credit score so that your dream of owning your own home is obtainable.

Daniel Brewster, President of DiMBy Credit Services and his team are there when you need them. Call Daniel at (314) 283-0013 or to find out more about the process and services that DiMBy Credit Services offers, check them out on the web at (click here to go to the website).

Below is the interview when ‘This Is My Biz’ shined the spotlight on DiMBy Credit Services. Hear directly from Daniel Brewster, President of DiMBy Credit Services on how many different ways DiMByCS  can help you get to where you want to be.   The interview will be broadcast on KSLQ 104.5 Saturday, April 19th at 9:30 AM on the “This is My Biz” radio show.