LOGO WHITE BACKGROUND410X230 Have you found out about the best kept secret in O’Fallon, St. Charles, Missouri, the World? Well, maybe not the world, because truthfully a family visiting from England actually stopped by four years ago and recently returned because they liked the service and enjoyed the ambiance at our very own Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar, right here in the Westplex.

Stephanie and Tom Thomson had traveled throughout Europe since the 1970’s and has always enjoyed the outdoor cafes, coffee shops and wine boutiques. The coffee business has been a bustling industry in France and Italy for many ages, but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that gourmet coffees hit the US – especially the Northwest – when major coffee chains came onto the scene. Coffee is now consumed by 56% of all Americans. Wine is another industry that has always been a staple for European countries and played a large part of their culture. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that fine wines became a part of the US Culture. Today more and more people insist on wines with their meals and there are new wine boutiques opening around the country every day.

Tom and Stephanie bring their 40+ years of experiences traveling to the Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar and offer us an eclectic mix of all that we love. A Coffee House, a wine boutique, a beer garden and a small banquet facility for those special occasions… all under the same roof and each room with its own distinctive personality. Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar offers many fun events, from the romantical to the comical and everything in between. They offer coffee cuppings, wine tastings, beer tastings and spirit tastings monthly. Tom and Stephanie offer these fun events so that their guests can become knowledgeable of the myriad of different styles and tastes. They have a phenomenal line up of events every month to satisfy your every mood! RendezvousCafeandWineBar.com (click here to go to their calendar of events).

Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar is located right on Main Street in O’Fallon, almost directly across the street from O’Fallon City Hall. The address is 217 South Main Street, O’Fallon, MO 63366. Give them a call at 636-281-CAFE (that’s 636-281-2233). We have included a map just below the interview. You can find them on the web at RendezvousCafeandWineBar.com (click here to go to their website). or you can find Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar on Facebook at RendezvousCafeandWineBar (click here to go to their Facebook page.)

This Is My Biz shined the spotlight on Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar when Shelley Barr had Stephanie and Tom Thomson, and their daughter, Kim, in the Q Studio. Below is the interview which will be broadcast on KSLQ 104.5 Saturday, July 12, at 9:30 AM on the “This is My Biz” radio show.

Find Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar on Westplex.com (click here to go directly to WestPlex.com).

Here is the Google Map location for Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar.

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