VA (LAS) 2 color stacked logo 410x230 Welcome to the ‘Sandwich Generation’. Are you are the son or daughter of an aging parent? It is a different world when you have to face the fact that your parents are not who they used to be. It is a different world for them as well. You know this, but you don’t know what to do. You can see that they need help. They shouldn’t be driving, they need help keeping up with the house, they need companionship, but they are adamant that they want to stay in their home. A home they know, they feel comfortable in. There may be “details” they need assistance with that make both you and them embarrassed or uncomfortable. They are proud, they don’t want this to be happening to them, nor do they want to be a burden on you, their child. You worry about them every single day, just as they did you, but you have your own children to take care of, your own career, your own home or you quite possibly are in another state. You are being pulled in 50 different directions emotionally and physically. Does this sound familiar?

Angel Car psngr side_rsz That is where Visiting Angels-Westplex and Visiting Angels-West County comes in. Visiting Angels is a nationally known, locally owned non medical senior assistance service that can give both you and your Mom or Dad ‘peace’ of mind. Let Visiting Angels come in, help your Mom or Dad live independently as long as they can, and you can go back to being the Son or Daughter again, and enjoy them.


Joe and Amy Outside Joe and Amy Deters, owners of Visiting Angels-Westplex and Visiting Angels-West County, grew up in a small community in Central Illinois and have both benefited from strong, close-knit families. They know the value of a strong handshake and a friendly smile. They also know what it is like to touch the lives of others. Joe and Amy are very hands on in the day to day operation of Visiting Angels. Matter of fact, when you make the call, Joe will be the one who will come, meet you, and conduct the initial assessment. To install the desired level of satisfaction in the families they care for, Joe and Amy have hand selected their team of staff and caregivers to provide the most loving and compassionate care possible. They realize the special people that choose to become caregivers do not do it for the money… In large part, they do it for the satisfaction they get from making a difference in someone else’s life. So, when you call Visiting Angel’s Westplex/West County, you know that you will be getting a caregiver that has been thoroughly screened and has passed the ultimate test… “Would this person be someone that I would want to take care of my Mom or Dad”.

Joe has an amazing office team to help him and the caregivers spoil their clients. Brei and Mandy handle most of the scheduling, while Natalie is always looking to hire and train amazing caregivers. Lana helps in numerous ways, including assisting with in-home assessments. She and Mandy are also “Angels in the Wings” that can be dispatched to a client’s home on short notice. Donna, an LPN, is the Case Manager, responsible for making sure our clients are thrilled and our caregivers are providing only the highest levels of care. “ Together they form an Angels team that might even make Charlie jealous!”

Visiting Angels Westplex Office is located in the Triad West Center, in the far west upper parking level of the plaza which is located on the corner of Mexico Road and Rock Creek Elementary School Drive. The address is 202 Triad Center West, O’Fallon, Missouri 63366. Give them a call at 636-695-4422. We have included a map just below the interview. You can find them on the web at (click here to go to their website). or you can find Visiting Angels Westplex on Facebook at VisitingAngelsWestplex (click here to go to their Facebook page.)

This Is My Biz shined the spotlight on Visiting Angels Westplex when Shelley Barr had Joe Deters in the Q Studio. Below is the interview which was broadcast on KSLQ 104.5 Saturday, January 24th at 9:30 AM on the “This is My Biz” radio show.

Here is the Google Map location for Visiting Angels Westplex.